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Baltimore City, Maryland 

Business Rules for Tax Sale Auction of Tax Liens by Sealed Bid

 2022 Public Notice for Bulk Sale


Notice is hereby given that a list of properties on which liens are due to THE CITY OF BALTIMORE AND THE STATE OF MARYLAND, will be found on the City’s auctioneer’s web site at The properties are arranged in a bundle for the purpose of bidding.  The property owners are those who appear on the City’s tax rolls and appeared in the March 17, 2022 Edition of The Baltimore Sun and on March 31, 2022 in The Daily Record, as well as on with the provisions of the laws of the State and the City.  The Director of Finance published the notice of tax sale to warn the property owners that the listed properties are to be sold to collect unpaid taxes and other municipal liens.

Notice is hereby given that commencing Wednesday, October 19, 2022, at 9:00 a.m., the undersigned will accept sealed bids for the single property bundle listed on Bids will be received in accord with the instructions below. NO BIDDING WILL TAKE PLACE ON AUCTION WEBSITE. Website will only list the properties listed in the bulk sale.

The tax sale is open to the public.  Prospective bidders should investigate the properties and inspect them.  There is no warranty, express or implied, that a property has a marketable title or that it contains the area of land or improvements which it is said to contain; therefore, the purchaser assumes all risks in that regard. The purchaser must accept and comply with the City’s business rules published on the tax sale web site and will receive a Certificate of Tax Sale as required by law.

In the event a sale is subsequently voided, the purchaser upon surrender of the Tax Certificate of Sale will receive a refund of the minimum bid amount assigned to and paid on the specific property.  The City will pay no interest or expenses associated with the sale or invalidation.  The list of delinquent taxpayers shown on the City’s web site referenced above may include taxpayers who paid their taxes since the list was published and does not necessarily mean that their taxes are still delinquent.

The City is offering this select bundle of properties by a sealed bid process.  Procedures are in accordance with legislation passed by the Maryland General Assembly.  The tax sale procedures are unique to Baltimore City and should not be considered to be the same procedures used in other Maryland jurisdictions.

The procedures are listed below.  If you plan to participate in the sale, please read the procedures, as they are significantly different from the City’s annual tax sale auction held in June and the subsequent June assignment sale.

Each parcel of property taken to tax sale will be sold in its entirety.  Annotated Code of Maryland, Tax-Property, §§ 14-814, et. seq. A sealed bid process will be utilized.  The Director of Finance shall allocate the amount of the bid for each individual property within the bundle of properties.  The bundle will not be sold for a sum less than the minimum bid price for the entire bundle.  The bidder/purchaser is required to pay the minimum bid amount.

The number of properties in the bundle may decline as property owners redeem any of the listed properties.  The property bundle is numbered for identification.

Bids will be received in the OFFICE OF THE CITY COMPTROLLER, ROOM 204, CITY HALL, 100 HOLLIDAY STREET, BALTIMORE, MARYLAND 21202.  Bids must be received no later than 11:00 a.m., local time, on Wednesday, October 19, 2022, and will be opened in Room #215, City Hall at 12:00 NOON, local time, on October 19, 2022. Late bids will not be accepted.  Bids may be submitted by mail, overnight delivery, or in person.  Faxed bids will not be accepted. BIDS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED FOR SINGLE PROPERTIES.


The City will return all proceeds collected, without interest or expenses, to the unsuccessful bidder. If a property is redeemed any time subsequent to the sale, the successful bidder shall receive only the allocated bid amount plus redemption interest on the amount of the lien and any other expenses specifically provided by the law.  The lien amount is not refundable after the time required under Annotated Code of Maryland, Tax-Property, §§ 14-817 and 14-820, et. seq., for the filing of an action to foreclose the right of redemption, provided there has been no redemption, and if a decree is obtained within the required time.

Timely bids must include the following information to be considered:

  • The name, address, and daytime telephone number of the bidder;
  • The name to appear on the Certificate of Tax Sale; and
  • The amount of the bid.

Bids that do not include all the preceding information will be judged not responsive and will be returned to the bidder.  Where bids for the bundle of properties are identical, the winning bid shall be selected based on the date and time of receipt, which shall be stamped on the bid packet.  A successful bidder/purchaser who is not present at the bid opening will be notified by telephone and/or certified mail.

The method of payment is by bank/cashier’s check, bank certified check or money order.

The Director of Finance shall resolve all questions regarding the date and time bids are received, and bid sufficiency.

Henry J. Raymond, Director of Finance
City of Baltimore



For an explanation of any of the terms above, please visit the FAQs.


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