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Baltimore City 2021 Tax Certificate Assignment Sale


What is a tax certificate assignment sale and how is it different from a traditional tax certificate auction?

The assignment sale are certificates that were unsold at the 2021 tax certificate auction and were struck to Baltimore City. They are offered to the public on a first-come, first-served basis and are sold for the lien amount. The purchase is completed on the web site using an electronic check. 

What equipment and software will I need?

There is no special software or hardware needed for the sale. In order to participate, buyers must have access to the Internet.

How much does it cost to enter the sale?

In order to be a qualified participant in the Assignment Sale, you must have registered on this site to obtain a username, password, bidder number and paid a registration fee in the 2021 Baltimore City Tax Certificate Auction. If you have not previously registered online with Baltimore City or paid the registration fee by the 05/07/2021 at 4:00 PM ET deadline, you will not be able to participate in this year's Assignment Sale.

How do I pay for certificates purchased?

If you have not already entered your banking information, when you click on the “Buy Now” button, the web site will direct you to the “Provide Banking Information” area. Once your banking information has been entered, you will authorize the amount of the certificate(s) after the purchase is complete. An ACH transaction (electronic check) is generated which debits your bank account for the amount of your total item(s) purchases.  These funds are transferred directly via ACH to the Baltimore City's account.

How do I contact Customer Service?

Click Here for Customer Service

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